Venus Aqueous Book 1

Venus Aqueous Book 1

(Volume 2 of the Brave Girls series)

Venus Acton is a champion swimmer, she’s captain of the school swim team and she especially loves to swim in the sea. Every weekend her Dad takes her out so she can dive and explore. One Saturday, when she is deep underwater, something happens which changes her life forever, enabling her to do things she never thought possible; to solve problems she hadn’t even known existed. The exciting adventures of Venus Aqueous are recommended for readers aged 8 and up.  Book One includes the first four episodes of the popular comic from Violet’s Vegan Comics.

Author/Illustrator: Violet Plum

Genre: Children’s comic book

Recommended for age 8 and up

Published January 2016

Format: Paperback (88 pages)

ISBN-10: 152376418X
ISBN-13: 978-1523764181

Dimensions: 17.8 x 0.5 x 25.4 cm

Price:  £8.20

 Click here to buy from Amazon UK

Also available from Amazon in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.  If you’re somewhere where you can’t buy from Amazon, contact us to arrange mail order 😀


NB: for those in the UK who don’t like to shop online, contact us to mail order and pay by cheque


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