And our third single episode comic is Reflecto Girl: Sidekick This is episode 5 of the Reflecto Girl series, which you can find here, and in it Renée has a lovely day spoilt by something horrible in the garden.  Thankfully she has a new ally who is eager to help 😀

The comic is printed in black and white, so it looks like a proper authentic old fashioned comic and it’s fantastic value for money at £2.80!  What’s more, on the back cover is a Reflecto Girl paper doll to cut out, complete with Dounto and mask, and inside are a few clothes for her to wear that you can colour in and cut out 😀 Let them be your inspiration to design more and make them yourself 🙂

Author/Illustrator:  Violet’s Vegan Comics

Genre:  Children’s comics

Recommended for readers aged 8 and up

Format:  Paperback (42 pages)

Price:  £2.80

Published April 2017

ISBN-10:  1545291861

ISBN-13:  978-1545291863

Dimensions:  17.8 x 0.3 x 25.4 cm

Available from our bookshop and also from Amazon


NB: for those in the UK who don’t like to shop online, contact us to mail order and pay by cheque


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