Little Chicken Classic – Luke Walker animal stick up for-er

Remember the old Penguin Classics?  Well here’s a Little Chicken Classic.  The first.  It isn’t quite as pristine as its Penguin counterparts because Luke has got his grubby mits on it and defaced it with stickers and smudges.  Luckily,  they don’t obscure the title 😀

The Little Chicken Classic – Luke Walker animal stick up for-er contains the first sixteen chapters of our beloved outlaw’s adventures, complete with illustrations.  It seemed a good idea to put them all in one volume, making them more portable and therefore easier to keep on hand for public transport delays or long waits in doctors’ waiting rooms or whenever you have a few moments at your disposal.  Getting so much adventure into so few pages was achieved by simply changing the font – this Little Chicken Classic is written in the classic Times New Roman which fills less than half the number of pages taken up by the handwritten font used in the first two books.  So, there’s your behind-the-scenes look at what made this edition possible which might be obvious to some and uninteresting to many, but since I assume you already know who Luke Walker is and what kind of mischief he gets up to, I had to post something different about this edition.

On the other hand, perhaps I’m wrong to assume anything.  Perhaps you’ve never heard of Luke Walker.  Perhaps you don’t know that he’s an eight year old, growing up in a typical meat-eating household, who doesn’t just accept things unquestioningly.  Perhaps you didn’t realise that, despite the fact that he’s never met a veg*n in his life, he decides to become one after discovering what bacon really is, or rather, was.  Perhaps you don’t know that whilst he is perceived by parents and teachers alike to be naughty, rebellious, argumentative and troublesome, he is in actual fact extremely thoughtful, empathetic, wise and brave.  He is outspoken but uses more than just words to stick up for animals in all sorts of different ways.  He is a righteous warrior for the innocent victims who can’t help themselves, or damsons in distress as he calls them.  He’s a modern Robin Hood.

These stories are funny, exciting and touching but if you don’t believe me you can read them for free here.  If you’d like to gift them to a friend or read them to your children at bedtime you can buy the paperback from Lulu 😀

Author:  Violet Plum

Illustrators:  Miranda Lemon and Violet Plum

Genre:  Juvenile fiction, short stories, humour,

Recommended for readers aged 8 and up

Published by Little Chicken:  May 2018

Format:  Paperback (174 pages)

Dimensions: 15.24 cm wide x 22.86 cm tall

Price:  £6

Click here to buy from Lulu in the UK, France, Germany and the USA


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