We love stories and think it’s so important for young minds to let their imaginations run free.  But as vegans we are often disappointed when a story’s  protagonists cause animal suffering.  It doesn’t make sense to us when the fictional little girl, who loves all animals and spends her days saving them, goes home to eat lamb chops for tea; it’s upsetting when the fictional loving mother who works so hard for her children, feeds them the flesh of another mother’s young, and the milk stolen from another mother’s baby.

They don’t think of it like that of course.  In popular culture – especially children’s stories – eating animal products is portrayed as so normal and acceptable that even the good guys don’t think twice about it.  Paddington eats bacon sandwiches for goodness sake!

We think a new normal is needed.

In this new normal: kind, compassionate, normal people do not have limits to their kindness.  Their kindness encompasses all living beings. Their compassion reaches across the whole of nature.

It is our intention to fill a gap in children’s fiction; to provide all sorts of children’s books which are not necessarily about veganism but in which the good guys are vegan.

So far we have made comicbooks, story books, fairy tales, notebooks and colouring books.  All of our stories are free to read at Violet’s Vegan e-Comics but when nothing but a proper book will do, this is the place to find them.

Welcome to the new normal 😀