The Dragons of Durga

The Dragons of Durga is an epic novel by Simone Spearman.

It’s a slow, gentle tale, beautifully told with detailed, poetic descriptions that transport you to a magical, imaginary world.  The story takes place in an ancient time. Long before anyone can remember, long before history was recorded, back when magnificent dragons still walked the Earth.

Spearman describes the different species as tribes – the Human tribe, the Dragon tribe, the Feline tribe, – all of whom live in co-operation and harmony.  The Dragons have a special relationship with Human children whom they teach and mentor, but this only lasts until they come of age.  Humans of age only get to commune with Dragons at the Midsummer celebration, to which every tribe of Durga is invited.  The picture is wonderfully idyllic until the unthinkable happens and a vision of the future reveals a world without dragons.

A myriad of characters – Dragons of all shapes and sizes, a winged Cat, an unpredictable Rat, a Human girl who can change into any animal, a Human boy who blames the Dragons for a past tragedy – embark on an epic adventure, all working together to ensure the survival of the Dragon tribe.

And it’s a big hunk of a book – 538 pages!!!  It took me a good few weeks to finish it because unfortunately I only have time to read at the end of the day, just before I go to sleep, but it certainly made me look forward to bedtime.  I loved this book.  It’s wonderful to have quality literature in which the protagonists are plant-eaters who fight for peace, harmony and equality among species.  I love the dragons, I love the children, I love the weird and wonderful names they had and the innovative use of capital letters.  Thank you Simone L Spearman.

Author:  Simone L Spearman

Illustrator:  Jason Weaver

Genre:  Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic

Recommended for readers aged 8 and up

Published in August 2017

Format:  Paperback (552 pages) & Kindle

ISBN-10: 0999278207
ISBN-13: 978-0999278208
Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 3.5 x 20.3 cm

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Reflecto Girl’s Lost Notebook

vegan notebook

Reflecto Girl’s Lost Notebook

Reflecto Girl, on the way to meet her future sidekick and tell him her whole story, left her notebook on the bus. She was very worried because in it she had written all about her life that year and how she’d become Reflecto Girl and things she’d done with the Dounto.  She was very concerned that this information, which was supposed to be kept secret, would fall into the wrong hands. Her friend made her feel better by telling her that as long as her real name and address were not in the book – which they weren’t, she’d made sure of that – losing it wouldn’t do any harm.

Keeping her real identity secret was the most important thing so of course she couldn’t claim the notebook from the bus depot lost property.  And that means that it’s out there, waiting for someone else to find it.

So, if you would love to learn about the girl behind Reflecto Girl; if you would to love know what her life was like before the Dounto, and where her Grandma went; if you would like to try out a couple of recipes that she made a note of; and if you love to keep a diary and would like to fill in the rest of Reflecto Girl’s book with your own notes and doodles (it’s half empty) then why don’t you pick it up?  It’s right here 😀

Author/Illustrator: Violet Plum/Violet’s Vegan Comics

Genre: Notebook/juvenile fiction

Recommended for children aged 8 and up

Published: July 2016

Format: Paperback (164 pages)

ISBN-10: 1535380136
ISBN-13: 978-1535380133
Dimensions: 14 x 1 x 17.8 cm

Price:  £4

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Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er: MY PRIVUT NOTEBOOK

veggie kid's notebook

Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er: MY PRIVUT NOTEBOOK

Luke’s notebook is for his eyes, and those of fellow veggietareun outlaws, only.  He made it out of an old maths exercise book he never used, for the purpose of privately recording the activities of his Secret Sersiety.  Luke has written quite a lot already about things he’s said and done but there is still plenty of blank space to be filled in by other members.  All young veg*ns would do well to join Luke’s band of outlaws and get a copy of this notebook.  Instructions for how to make a code maker is included so that top secret information can be kept TOP SECRET.

Luke learned some interesting things on his own about some of the people Mrs Tebbut told him about in History, things Mrs Tebbut hadn’t told him about them, and he made a note of them.

Luke wrote illustrated instructions of how to make a code maker/code breaker. Every outlaw should have one!

And there’s plenty of empty space for other sersiety members to add their own stuff. Luke drew some lines on for you.

This you can decode when you’ve made a code-breaker identical to Luke’s. Then you can write your own coded messages.

Author/Illustrator:  Violet Plum/Violet’s Vegan Comics

Genre: Children’s notebook

Recommended for children aged 7 and up

Published: March 2016

Format: Paperback (42 pages)

ISBN-10: 1530311284
ISBN-13: 978-1530311286

Dimensions: 15.2 x 0.3 x 22.9 cm

Price:  £3

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Also available from Amazon in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.  If you’re somewhere where you can’t buy from Amazon, contact us to arrange mail order 😀


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