Vegan Children’s Books

Below are some lovely vegan children’s paperbacks

Click on the pics for more info and how to buy.

Happy browsing🙂

For reading to children aged 0 to 8 years:

vegan story book vegan children's book vegan story book

vegan book for children   vegan book for children

vegan book for children   vegan book for children

For reading alone, aged 8 and up:

vegan book for children   vegan book for children

vegan book for children  vegan book for children

vegan book for children  vegan notebook for children

vegan children's book  vegan colouring book

vegan colouring book  vegan notebook

For ages 12 and up

vegan graphic novel  vegan book for children and adults


The book links  on this page all go to Amazon in the UK, but the books are also available on Amazon Europe (eg France, Spain, Germany to name a few), Amazon Canada and Amazon USA.  Just search for the title & author in ‘books’ when you get there🙂 If you discover that they are also available in a country I haven’t mentioned, do let us know😀

If, for whatever reason, you can’t or don’t want to order from Amazon, you can order directly from us and pay with paypal.  Just drop us a line via this contact form and we’ll sort it out😀


For more info go to the Book Trailers & Reviews page.


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55 thoughts on “Vegan Children’s Books

  1. These are so cute!! My friend just found out she’s pregnant. Saving this post and subscribing to your blog. I know what I’ll be getting her for her shower!🙂


  2. Thank you for your interest in WILLIAM HEMMERDINGER: THE DUXBURY MERCHANT appearing on the blog William Hemmerdinger Collage and Assemblage. The monumentally scaled modernist sculpture is on view at the Cape Cod Museum of Art (July – August, 2016) Your books and projects appear to be great fun and I wish you continued success. William Hemmerdinger

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  3. I like reflectogirl and wish to buy it for my grand daughter who is a vegetarian and thirteen. Her mother is third generation veggie and her mother my wife is veggie. Her dad was veggie. But I would like it signed. I would give you my address and send a check to you. Let me know. Thanks for reading about my small project. do you think it has a shot?

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  4. very cool books you are creating! Wish these had been around when my daughter was growing up! Awesome artwork and love the themes🙂


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