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Change The World With Rose And Chili

Here’s a cute little children’s book by Malte Hartwieg 🙂

Change The World With Rose And Chili has been written for little children who don’t know the truth about where their food comes from, and it explains in simple terms that animals are not here for our use, they are here for their own reasons.

With adorable illustrations, Malte Hartwieg takes Rose and her best friend Chili on a journey to an imaginary world where, one by one, Rose meets individuals who are suffering because humans use them for food or clothing: a fox who has no coat, a sheep who has been robbed of her wool, a chicken bereft of eggs and a cow with no milk for her calf.  At every meeting Rose is moved to help these individuals by giving them her warm clothes or finding plant-based foods to replace the animal-based ones, and the imaginary world becomes a brighter, greener, happier place.

By the end, when Rose and Chili return home, Rose has learned how easy it is to change the real world: simply eat plants instead of animals.

This book needs to be on the shelves of nurseries and pre-schools everywhere so that little ones can learn, before they get brainwashed into accepting the status quo, how simple it is to change the world.

Just lovely 😀

Author/Illustrator:  Malte Hartwieg

Genre:  Juvenile fiction/picture book

Recommended for reading to pre-schoolers

Published July 2018

Format:  Paperback (24 pages)

ISBN-10: 1722463449
ISBN-13: 978-1722463441
Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 0.2 x 21.6 cm

Available from Amazon in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia


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Megan & Flos #6: CORRUPTION

Megan & Flos episode 6 is out now in paperback!

Something dodgy is going on at the local animal sanctuary, and if Megan and friends don’t put a stop to it, the consequences will be dire 😮

As soon as Megan returns home from her adventures in space in episode 5, she receives a message from her friend Frances, telling her all is not well at the animal sanctuary where she volunteers. Megan’s skills as an investigator are again put to the test and this time she’s investigating corruption at the highest level of management. Will she be able to find out the real reason for the sanctuary boss’s unfathomable course of action?  With Flos’s help, you bet she will!  Colourful and exciting adventure as always – and there’s wordsearch at the end!  What more could you want? 😉

Read it here first if you’d like 🙂

Megan & Flos is an adventure comic for kids, part of the Brave Girls series of comics. Recommended for children aged 8 and up.

Created with Comic Life by Plasq

Author/Illustrator:  Violet Plum

Created by Violet’s Vegan Comics

Genre:  Children’s comics / Juvenile fiction

Recommended for readers aged 8 and up

Published November 2018 by Little Chicken

Format:  Paperback (32 pages)

ISBN-10: 1727858875
ISBN-13: 978-1727858877
Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 0.2 x 27.9 cm

Available from Amazon in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. If you’re somewhere where you can’t buy from Amazon, contact us to arrange mail order 😀


NB: for those in the UK who don’t like to shop online, contact us to mail order and pay by cheque.


vegan books, vegan children’s book, vegan children’s stories, vegan comics, animals, animal rights

Little Chicken Classic – Luke Walker animal stick up for-er

Remember the old Penguin Classics?  Well here’s a Little Chicken Classic.  The first.  It isn’t quite as pristine as its Penguin counterparts because Luke has got his grubby mits on it and defaced it with stickers and smudges.  Luckily,  they don’t obscure the title 😀

“One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” 

Oscar Wilde

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Little Chicken Classic – Luke Walker animal stick up for-er contains the first sixteen chapters of our beloved outlaw’s adventures, complete with illustrations.  It seemed a good idea to put them all in one volume, making them more portable and therefore easier to keep on hand for public transport delays or long waits in doctors’ waiting rooms or whenever you have a few moments at your disposal.  Getting so much adventure into so few pages was achieved by simply changing the font – this Little Chicken Classic is written in the classic Times New Roman font which fills less than half the number of pages taken up by the handwritten font used in the first two books.  So, there’s your behind-the-scenes look at what made this edition possible which might be obvious to some and uninteresting to many, but since I assume you already know who Luke Walker is and what kind of mischief he gets up to, I had to post something different about this edition.

On the other hand, perhaps I’m wrong to assume anything.  Perhaps you’ve never heard of Luke Walker.  Perhaps you don’t know that he’s an eight year old, growing up in a typical meat-eating household, who doesn’t just accept things unquestioningly.  Perhaps you didn’t realise that, despite the fact that he’s never met a veg*n in his life, he decides to become one after discovering what bacon really is, or rather, was.  Perhaps you don’t know that whilst he is perceived by parents and teachers alike to be naughty, rebellious, argumentative and troublesome, he is in actual fact extremely thoughtful, empathetic, wise and brave.  He is outspoken but uses more than just words to stick up for animals in all sorts of different ways.  He is a righteous warrior for the innocent victims who can’t help themselves, or damsons in distress as he calls them.  He’s a modern Robin Hood.

These stories are funny, exciting and touching but if you don’t believe me you can read them for free here.  If you’d like to gift them to a friend or read them to your children at bedtime you can buy them from Amazon 😀

Author:  Violet Plum

Illustrators:  Miranda Lemon and Violet Plum

Genre:  Juvenile fiction, short stories, humour,

Recommended for readers aged 8 and up

Published by Little Chicken:  May 2018

Format:  Paperback (174 pages)

ISBN-10: 1718710003

ISBN-13: 978-1718710009

Dimensions: 15.2 x 1.1 x 22.9 cm

Available from Amazon in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.  If you’re somewhere where you can’t buy from Amazon, contact us to arrange mail order 😀


NB: for those in the UK who don’t like to shop online, contact us to mail order and pay by cheque.


vegan books, vegan children’s book, vegan children’s stories, animals

Let the dogs out

Let the dogs out has been re-done and is now available in paperback with full page watercolour illustrations.

As you might imagine, although there is a happy ending for the story’s hero, this one is something of a tear-jerker.  You can read the whole story here, if you want to try before you buy, but, basically, it’s about a beagle who was born and raised in a laboratory breeding facility.  The story is told from his point of view and we learn how life is for him and his peers in this bleak place.  The reader actually knows more than he does because they can understand what the humans are saying, and they can read the label on the cage and the order form that slips to the floor.

The whole business is a very unhappy prospect indeed.  However, about half way through the book everything changes: one of the humans helps him to escape and there is an exciting car chase and a desperate search and, well, I don’t want to give everything away.

While there are no images of experiments on animals, it is very sad to learn about places like these, even in this PG depiction, so I know that no one is going to be choosing this one for a bedtime story.  But it is a story that needs to be told and widely shared.  Everyone should be aware of what it’s like for laboratory animals so that they are motivated to fight against vivisection; to refuse to donate to charities which fund vivisection; and to fight for a change in the law so that animals will no longer be bred, enslaved, tortured and killed by the people in these places.

So this is a great book for campaigners who wish to enlighten people about the realities of vivisection because, without actually depicting the cruel experiments, it conveys the hopelessness and helplessness felt by its innocent victims and inspires an urge to change things or at least to support those who are.  With that in mind, the end of the book includes information about the real company and events that informed the story and provides information about organisations fighting against vivisection and funding non-animal research to replace it.  All this information is also included at the bottom of the story page on Violet’s Vegan e-Comics.

Author/Illustrator:  Violet Plum of Violet’s Vegan Comics

Genre: comic/graphic novel, suspense, drama

Recommended for readers aged 12 and up

This Edition First Published:  24 April 2018

Format:  Paperback (78 pages)

ISBN-10: 1717157378

ISBN-13: 978-1717157379

Dimensions: 17.8 x 0.5 x 25.4 cm

Available from Amazon in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.  If you’re somewhere where you can’t buy from Amazon, contact us to arrange mail order 😀


NB: for those in the UK who don’t like to shop online, contact us to mail order and pay by cheque.


vegan books, vegan graphic novel, vegan comic, anti-vivisection story, dogs, animals

More Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er

More Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er is here at last!

Luke Walker is back and now he’s nine! Herein lie the next eight chapters of Luke Walker’s adventures sticking up for animals. He’s a little bit older, a little bit more experienced, and just as determined as ever to help those who can’t help themselves. A fearless outlaw and fighter for justice, nine year old Luke does everything in his power to right wrongs and educate the unenlightened.

More Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er: funny, exciting, entertaining stories for animal lovers everywhere.  Here are the chapter headings to entice you 😉 :

Chapter Nine:  Luke Walker and the secret society

Chapter Ten:  Luke Walker and allergic reactions

Chapter Eleven:  Luke Walker and the ice cream van

Chapter Twelve:  Luke Walker and the new teacher

Chapter Thirteen:  Luke Walker and the Harvest Festival

Chapter Fourteen:  Luke Walker and the Halloween party

Chapter Fifteen:  Luke Walker and the school play

Chapter Sixteen:  Luke Walker and the Maybury Christmas Fayre

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them 😀

Author:  Violet Plum

Illustrator:  Miranda Lemon

Genre: juvenile fiction, humorous short stories

Recommended for people aged 8 to 88

Published November 2017

Format:  Paperback (238 pages)

ISBN-10:  1978201729

ISBN-13:  978-1978201729

Dimensions:  15.2 x 1.5 x 22.9 cm

Available to buy from Amazon in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.  If you’re somewhere where you can’t buy from Amazon, contact us to arrange mail order 😀


NB: for those in the UK who don’t like to shop online, contact us to mail order and pay by cheque 🙂


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The Princess Who Liked To Be Popular

The Princess Who Liked To Be Popular has a new cover and a new font and some new information pages at the back about how to change the world, that make this colourful, glittery fairy tale even better!

For those who don’t know, let me remind you –

Princess Primrose loves to be loved so she always does her best to please everyone. Her father, the king, is worried that her need for popularity will get her into trouble but when he tries to explain that to her she disregards his advice. Consequently, when she is left in charge of the kingdom while her parents are away, she has to learn the hard way that it’s not always a good idea to give the people what they want.

The Princess Who Liked To Be Popular (which you can read for free at Violet’s Vegan Comics on the Fairy Tales page) is a colourfully illustrated fairy tale with the vegan message of causing no harm, of respecting nature, and of doing the right thing regardless of how unpopular it may make us; an old fashioned story with modern relevance. For reading to or with young children, or for children aged 8 and up to read alone.

Author/Illustrator: Violet Plum (Violet’s Vegan Comics)

Genre: Juvenile Fiction/fairy tales

Recommended for reading to young children and for children aged 8 and up to read alone.

First Published: 23 December 2014

Format: Paperback (84 pages)

ISBN-10: 150566957X

ISBN-13: 978-1505669572

Dimensions: 17.8 x 0.5 x 25.4 cm

Available from Amazon in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.  If you’re somewhere where you can’t buy from Amazon, contact us to arrange mail order 😀


NB: for those in the UK who don’t like to shop online, contact us to mail order and pay by cheque.


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Learning Letters and Rhyming Words

Learning Letters and Rhyming Words by Eric and Jo Rain is a cute and simplistic alphabet rhyme to make learning fun.  Each page has a child-like style crayon drawing of an animal or plant beginning with (or containing) a letter of the alphabet and a verse underneath which rhymes with the verse on the facing page.  I’m not explaining this very well, but here’s a few scans to give you an idea of what I mean:

 The opened book didn’t fit on the scanner (plus I scanned them in ‘illustration mode’ so the grey stripe down the middle is just shadow) but I think you can get the idea with these 🙂

It’s a really fun way to introduce young children to the alphabet and how words look and sound, and they’ve chosen a font which draws the letter ‘a’ as children would write it, sans serif.  And it inspires delight in the plants and animals it describes.

Plus at the end of the book is an alphabet learning game to cut out and play:

A lovely fun way to learn the alphabet 🙂

Author:  Eric Rain

Illustrator:  Jo Rain

Genre:  Early Learning

Format:  Paperback (52 pages)

Published June 2015

ISBN-13:  978-1985373952

Dimensions:  19 x 0.3 x 23.5 cm

Available from Amazon in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.  If you’re somewhere where you can’t buy from Amazon, contact us to arrange mail order 😀


For those in the UK who don’t like to shop online, contact us to mail order and pay by cheque 🙂

Healthy Eating for Life FOR CHILDREN from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

From the Foreword by Neal Barnard, M.D.:  The writing of this book was motivated by the observation that many parents are unclear about how best to nourish their children at different stages of development.  Well-intentioned parents like you want to do the very best for the long-term health and well-being of their children.  They need help knowing where to begin.

Our hope is that by assembling an expert panel of doctors and nutritionists and by providing well-researched, easy-to-read information on healthy eating during childhood, we can help you promote excellent health for your children throughout their lives.


Boy I wish I’d had this book when my children were little, then I wouldn’t have been misled by my GP who pleaded with me not to make my baby vegan, saying that children need dairy for at least their first five years!  I was very young, inexperienced and, since it was way before the internet, there was no one else to ask.  It was another eleven years before we had enough information to understand that he was wrong, and our transition from vegetarianism to veganism left us feeling better than ever.

But that didn’t prevent us being misjudged by another GP when I took my youngest to the doctor when she was about 11 because she was getting recurring headaches.  I’d assumed she was suffering from migraines but as soon as the GP heard we were vegan she sucked in her breath over her teeth and said with confidence

“Calcium deficiency!”

I insisted that that wasn’t it, we get enough calcium from our fruit and vegetables, but she would not be dissuaded from her conclusion and sent us away after telling us to take some multi-vitamins, without doing any tests or examination.  Some months later, thanks to a good  GP advising us to go the optician and see if the headaches were due to a need for glasses, it was discovered that there was haemorrhaging behind her eyes caused by a benign brain tumour.

The world and medical practitioners are so much more enlightened nowadays though aren’t they?  Thanks to the internet and such widely available information shared online by vegan individuals, groups and organisations.  So you’d think that no one would be in danger of getting the kind of bad advice we got back then.

I was shocked to discover a few weeks ago that that’s not true.  A friend of mine took her eleven and a half month-old baby for her ‘one year review’ by a Health Visitor at a children’s centre in Brighton and was told she should be transitioning her baby off breast milk and onto cows’ milk – for the calcium!!!!!!!

Thankfully my friend knows better but lots of people, like me all those years ago, will be swayed by this shockingly bad advice.  That’s why this book is brilliant.  Because it comes from the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine, written by Amy Lanou, Ph.D. who is Nutrition Director of the Physicians’ Committee (or she was when this was first published back in 2002 – oh I wish I’d had it then!) and got her doctoral degree from Cornell University, readers can rest assured that the book can be relied upon.  And it’s got so much!  From a healthy pregnancy to healthy breast feeding to healthy nutrition for your child for the rest of his or her life, this book tells you everything you need to know 🙂

And it even provides you with a ton of healthy delicious recipes:

I bought this one for my friend, but now I’m going to get another one for me!

Author:  Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine with Amy Lanou, Ph.D.

Genre:  Non-fiction, Plant-Based Nutrition

Recommended for teens and up

Format:  Paperback (272 pages) and Kindle Edition

Published:  February 2002

ISBN-10:  0471436216

ISBN-13:  978-0471436218

Dimensions:  15.5 x 1.9 x 22.7 cm

Available from the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine and Amazon


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Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar

We love Louis Sachar (whose name rhymes with cracker – in case you were wondering) and after reading Fuzzy Mud I decided that it qualified as a vegan book for children 🙂 It doesn’t use the v-word but the main protagonist seems to be a plant-eater (there is no mention of any animal protein in her diet) and the grippingly entertaining story is wrapped around a vitally  important environmental message.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to discover that Louis Sachar was veg*n but I have no idea whether he actually is.  Anyway, this book qualifies so I wanted to share it with you 🙂

The story is about Tamaya who has a scholarship to a posh school and walks there every day with Marshall who is a year older than her (they’re pre-teens I think). They never go through the woods because there are creepy rumours about a strange guy who lives there.  And they’ve been told not to.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the woods a laboratory is developing a new “green” fuel, made of artificially engineered living micro-organisms, aka ‘fuzzy mud’.  Well,  one day, after being challenged to a fight by the school bully, Marshall decides, for his own safety, to go home via the woods.  Tamaya doesn’t want to go that way but she’s not supposed to walk home alone so she follows him.  And that’s when it gets really scary!

I’m not going to tell you anymore (and don’t spoil it for yourself by reading the Amazon blurb because it gives too much away) because you should get the book and enjoy the whole thing from the beginning 🙂

Author:  Louis Sachar

Genre:  Juvenile fiction/thriller

Recommended for readers aged 8 and up

Format:  Paperback (256 pages) and Kindle Edition and Audio Download

Published:  August 2016

ISBN-10:  1408864754

ISBN-13:  978-1408864753

Dimensions:  19.7 x 1.3 x 13.1cm

Available from Amazon and undoubtedly other bookshops and libraries 🙂

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